Meet The Indian Humvee – Mahindra ALSV Details and Photos

Mahindra ALSV – The Armored Light Specialist Vehicle has been specifically designed by the brand for the military and defence forces. The brand has designed the vehicle with a modular design that can be further upgraded as per the situation for accomplishing various roles. The commutable design of the ALSV offers easy maintenance while it can prevent Ballistic protection up to stage B7 and STANAG Level II.

The brand has further tested the ALSV against 7.62 x 51mm ball rounds in addition to testing it for HE36 hand grenades. The Mahindra ALSV has further undergone survivability tests and has been a part of the Government Defence Force’s trail and test program that was carried on for about 18 months.

The Mahindra ALSV has been equipped with a load-carrying capacity of 400 kgs of cargo while the modular design is capable of mobility at the front, side and rear according to the STANAG Level I Ballistics and Blast levels.

The brand has further offered the ALSV with large storage space for guns and arms in addition to accommodating four crew members. The vehicle can be further upgraded to STANAG Level II Ballistics according to the requirements.

Powering the Mahindra ALSV is a 3.2-litre, 6-cylinder STEYR engine that is capable of offering maximum power of 215HP and a peak torque of 500Nm. The engine is mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission that drives all four wheels.

The vehicle currently has a payload capacity of 1000kgs and has a central tyre inflation system. It further features an all-wheel independent suspension system sourced from Bilstein and features a self-recovery winch.

The top speed of the ALSV is limited at 120 kmph while the vehicle can accelerate from 0-60 kmph in approximately 12 seconds. It has been equipped with clamshell doors and features a gun hatch at the top which can be further rotated to 240 degrees for machine guns and grenade launchers.

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