Indonesia’s Kaleb J and Ruth Garcia share love for OPM – Manila Bulletin

Kaleb J is a popular R&B artist based in Indonesia. Ruth Garcia is likewise a rising pop act from the heritage rich nation.

The two are out with the easy-listening, R&B tune titled “All That I Needed.”

In an interview with Bulletin Entertainment, the two shared how the collaboration came about.

“We have good chemistry when it comes to good music,” said Ruth about Kaleb, who is also a label mate under Passion Vibe.

“We wrote lots of songs together but we never had a collaboration (record). So I was thinking this is a perfect opportunity for us to have a song together,” said Kaleb, who added “I really like her writing style. She’s so talented.”

“All That I Needed” was written by Kaleb and Ruth together with songwriters Abraham Edo and Belanegra Abe who also produced the track for them.

The two also shared the inspiration behind the song.

Ruth pointed out that it’s her family mainly.

“At the second verse I wrote ‘Though we’re miles apart, you’re still in my heart’ the lines came up because my family and I live in a different city and country. For me, being apart with them taught me that distance is not an obstacle when it comes to love.”

“The inspiration came from my memories with families and friends. I try to capture all of the memories and put it altogether in this song,” Kaleb added.

So, is this the type of pop that Indonesians like listening to?

Said Ruth, “I think it’s the kind of song that will be accepted anywhere in terms of the lyrics and melodies. We believe that we gave our best when we made this song. Whether it’s the kind of song Indonesians like to listen to or not, ‘All That I Needed’ is such a beautiful song.”

“I agree with Ruth. ‘All That I Needed’ is a kind of song that will be accepted everywhere. And it’s not just because of the acoustic pop sound, it is more than that. The message of this song is so powerful. It carries a beautiful meaning of love. This makes the song have an authentic feeling everytime you hear it,” opined Kaleb.

Ruth and Kaleb related that Indo-pop is a “lively and diverse scene” and both also agree that it has many colors and that both are proud to be part of it and are glad to be ambassadors sharing the sounds of Indo pop across borders.

But have they ever listened to Pinoy pop?

“I  listen to Christian Bautista, MYMP, and Lea Salonga. I adore their music,” shared Ruth.  

“Of course! I heard some Filipino Music, and I really like it,” enthused Kaleb.

“One of my favorites is ‘Bakit Pa Ba’ by Jay R. He is crazy talented, and his voice is so authentic. Also the song itself is already perfect. Truly an inspiration.”

Finally, Ruth said, “I hope our song will be something fresh and inspiring to our Filipino audiences. And I can’t wait to visit the Philippines for a tour.”

“I can’t wait to meet all of you so we can sing along together,” said Kaleb.

“All That Matters” is available on all streaming platforms.





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