Indonesian Zahra crowned Miss Supranational, edges out Nigeria, 67 others — National Accord Newspaper

Indonesian beauty Queen Harashta Zahra has emerged winner of the 2024 Miss Supranational pageant, defeating 67 other contestants from around the world, including Nigerian Sectra Sede.

She was crowned the latest Miss Supranational at the grand finale of the 15th edition of the pageant held on Saturday in Nowy Sącz, Lesser Poland.

The 20-year-old environmental engineering student was followed by four runners-up including delegates from the United States, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Curacao.

Andrea Aguilera of Ecuador crowned Zahra as her successor at the event, signifying the country’s inaugural victory in the pageant’s history of the pageant and the sixth Asian candidate to achieve this distinction.

“It still feels surreal and I can’t wait to fulfill my duties as the new Miss Supranational 2024. It’s going to be a very special year and my heart is filled with pride. Thank you to my country for your support,” Zahra said.

Contestants who made it to the top 12 include those from Denmark ,India, Finland, Thailand, Philippines, Puerto Rico and South Africa, represented by Bryoni Govender, who is also the continental Queen for Africa.

However, Nigerian Sectra Sede made it to the top 25 contestants, among countries like United Kingdom, Iceland, Germany, Japan, Bolivia and others.

The 2024 Miss Spranational pageant had contestants representing sixty-eight countries and territories and three contestants were selected to take the place of the original winner, who was dethroned.

The show started with a ‘Supra Chat’ event which commenced on May 16, and was broadcast via the official YouTube channel of Miss Supranational, where each participant had the opportunity to introduce themselves

This year’s edition has ten groups vied for supremacy, with the victors from each group advancing to the final round of the competition, after the first and semi-final rounds (NAN)


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