Indonesian black and white underwater photography – Oceanographic

OM: What do you want to achieve with your photography?

HK: I primarily want to travel the world, while expressing myself through the lens of my camera. It is a great tool that can evoke strong emotions among viewers, if used correctly. I hope to inspire others to follow their own black and white journey.

OM: What makes underwater photography in black and white so special?

HK: In black and white underwater photography you need to pay closer attention to shapes, lines and textures. Since I don’t use colours, I try to achieve an atmospheric photograph underwater by depicting the strange, weird and wonderful biodiversity that the underwater world holds. It can be presented in an entirely different light in black and white. I try to portrait a somewhat different mood and ambiance than coloured underwater images would.

OM: What are the hardships when taking black and white photographs below the surface?

HK: First of all, we need enough light to create luminosity. Without this, the final image would appear flat and dull. In my images, I never use a flash underwater. That’s why I heavily rely on strong sun penetration for my black and white underwater images.

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