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Tue, September 20, 2022



The Association of Indonesian Semi-Permanent Makeup Experts (PERTASPI) officially established the professional development of semi-permanent makeup experts (SPMU).

With the establishment of PERTASPI, it is hoped to increase opportunities for wellness and beauty tourism in Indonesia, which is developing standardized semi-permanent makeup on an international scale.

JAKARTA, 15 September 2022 — Semi-permanent makeup is a beauty service that has been in great demand since 2008 in various countries, including Indonesia. Semi-permanent makeup has many types of services: eyebrow, lip and eyeliner embroidery, camouflage services, hairline repair and covering stretch marks on parts of the body. The increasing demand on these services is parallel with the increasing number of semi-permanent makeup artists in this country, with a total number of 1,000 business owners in clinics, salons, studios and home treatments in several big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan.

Against the backdrop of the proliferation of semi-permanent makeup artists, PERTASPI was established with the aim of becoming an official organization for semi-permanent makeup experts/professionals (SPMU) in Indonesia in order to have an international standard quality to compete with their counterparts from foreign countries.

The event was attended by Anggie Rassly as Chair of PERTASPI, as well as pioneers and experts in eyebrow embroidery, whose names are very well known in the beauty industry in the last 15 years. Also in attendance were Drg I Putu Suprapta MSc, CMC as a representative from the medical field as the Ethics Council of PERTASPI and Hengky Manurung, deputy for Industry and Investment in the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry.

“We see that the potential of SPMUs in Indonesia is very large and our idea to form PERTASPI is to increase the credibility of SPMUs so that consumer concerns over cases of malpractice of eyebrow embroidery, lip embroidery or others treatments, which have been a lot, can be avoided,” said Anggie.

From a medical perspective, Drg I Putu Suprapta added the importance of establishing an association to guide SPMUs to have clear guidelines so that consumers will better understand eyebrow embroidery and lip embroidery, which are safe treatments, and they will not be afraid to try. Education on how to maintain cleanliness, utilization of the correct tools and work procedures according to international standards is one part of the PERTASPI program.

Meanwhile, from the perspective of the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, Indonesia should not be left behind with the trend of wellness and beauty tourism that has been done by other countries such as Thailand and South Korea. Currently, Indonesian SPMUs have been recognized by consumers from Singapore and Malaysia, especially by those who came specifically to Indonesia to have eyebrow or lip embroidery treatments. However, Indonesia needs an official forum that supports, guides and protects SPMUs so that they can continue to develop to an international standard.

“Our hope is that in the future, Indonesia will not only be known for natural and cultural tourism, but also for wellness and beauty tourism. If the number of foreign tourists increases based on this, then it will have a positive impact for the Indonesian economy. In the domestic aspect, this will also open up new job opportunities in the beauty sector,” said Hengky.

In addition to regular training and workshops, there will also be monthly discussion forums on the latest issues as well as annual competitions at home and abroad. PERTASPI’s mission through this program is so that all SPMUs can join PERTASPI as a member and together develop the Indonesian semi-permanent makeup industry.

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