Gaabor’s new series will be launched in Indonesia for the first time at a low price on September 9

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers in the fast-growing Southeast Asian market are experiencing consumption upgrading, and their requirements for quality are greatly improved. They look forward to the emergence of high-quality products with new technology, good-looking appearance and intelligent efficiency. The best-selling household appliance brand Gaabor recently announced that its newly upgraded air fryer GA-M4D series will be sold in Indonesia on September 9.

At the same time, during the 9.9 Super Shopping Festival, Gaabor will provide discount up to 82% and extra voucher 50rib up to 50% of all products on the whole platform of Gaabor to meet more needs of Indonesian consumers.

New series with power

Adhering to the technical accumulation advantages of the German R & D team for more than ten years, Gaabor began to deeply develop the needs of Southeast Asian consumers last year and actively practice the brand concept of “Healthy Cooking, Nutrition First“.

The newly launched Gaabor air fryer GA-M4D series is equipped with the dual Roots Blower fan system, which is the first in the field of air fryers, and can realize 360° circulation, efficient degreasing and fast freshness locking. While ensuring the delicious taste of food, it can effectively prevent the loss of nutrition and fully meet the dual needs of users to enjoy delicious food and supplement nutrition.

Gaabor air fryer GA-M4D series

Beautiful appearance, light luxury texture

The Gaabor air fryer GA-M4D series uses a clear micro pearl color system, with five color bodies including Aurora Silver、Pearl Pink、Space Grey、Vitality Red、Moon shadow white, which meet the needs of consumers for beautiful Gaabor air fryers.

The carefully polished outer machine presents a fine matte texture, elegant and luxurious with comfortable touch. Enjoy the beauty of daily cooking with GA-M4D series .

Comprehensive upgrade, perfect quality

User centered design ideas will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the brand. Gabor Lorenz, founder of Gaabor, an expert in the field of kitchen appliances in Germany, firmly believes that humanized and meticulous design can win more consumers’ favor. Gaabor air fryer GA-M4D series comprehensively upgrades the product quality, so that users can better enjoy the fun of cooking.

Humanized design, easy cooking:

·Water drop handle design: 10 degree inclination, comfortable grip, automatic power off

·Double knob precise design: temperature regulation timing, easy operation

·Micro inclined operation panel: Golden 15 degree angle, saving labor

·8 menus: easy to use, simple and efficient

Gaabor is committed to providing more families with healthy and comfortable high-quality life solutions. For more information about Gaabor 9.9 Super Shopping Festival, please visit the official store of Gaabor:


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