Every electrifying beauty look spotted at Coachella 2023

It happens like clockwork: every year, melomaniacs begin to flock to the desert in preparation for Coachella, the annual arts and music festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Of course, attendees are hardly limited to musicophiles—in recent years, Coachella has grown to become an institution in its own right; the birthplace of beauty sub genres that, oftentimes, grow to become eminent trends within the sphere. From gemstone adorned braids to technicolour eyeliner, it’s clear to see that Coachella is now synonymous with experimental mane and make-up looks. This can be ascribed to the sheer multitude and variety of musical acts found within the line-up, which serves as the perfect stomping ground for individuals to engage in distinctive and unique forms of self-expression.

Said forms of individualism, however, can sometimes veer into cultural appropriation, with items of religious or sacred significance being repurposed into accessories. Notable incidents include Kendall Jenner donning a nose chain typically worn by Indian brides; Alessandra Ambrosio sporting a Native American headdress; and Kylie Jenner showing up in cornrows. The frequency of such occurrences eventually led to backlash from South-East Asian and African-American communities, with the movement gaining enough traction to inspire a new wave of creativity. 

It’s safe to say, then, that festival chic has gained a whole new dimension. Coachella 2023 is of no exception—with creative tour de forces and beauty mavens Blackpink, Becky G, and more coming through. Below, a curation of the most electrifying and inspiring hair and make-up to emulate.


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