Drop it like it’s panas: Snoop Dogg launches INDOxyz coffee brand with Sumatra-sourced beans

Snoop Dogg is much more than the world’s most iconic weed-loving hip-hop artist. He’s also a prolific entrepreneur, with businesses ranging from his very own esports competition, the Gangsta Gaming League, to a line of wines with celebrity homemaker Martha Stewart.

You can now add kopi to Snoop Dogg’s long list of commercial interests. Last week, he launched INDOxyz, a line of coffee drinks and products using single-origin beans sourced from the island of Sumatra, as an animated Snoop explains in this commercial.

Co-launched, we should say. The co-founder of INDOxyz is Michael Riady, an entrepreneur and one of the scions of the ultra-wealthy Riady family that owns the Lippo Group conglomerate. 

According to the brand’s website, “During a visit to Indonesia, Snoop Dogg was introduced to local coffee via five generation Indo native, Michael Riady. All it took was one sip and Snoop was hooked.”

Screenshot: indo.xyz

The website says INDOxyz uses beans sourced from the Gayo region of north Sumatra, which are “valued for their rich flavor of dark chocolate with elated herbal notes”. 

According to a press release, INDOxyz is currently available in parts of California in the form of ready-to-drink cold brew cans and whole beans. 

In case you question how deep Snoop Dogg’s connection to Indonesia truly is, check out what he considers Indonesian takout.


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