10th Prince Sultan water award ceremony held at UN office in Vienna

JEDDAH: Saudi design companies are increasingly creating products inspired by the Kingdom’s history, heritage and traditions. One is Samuda that aims to promote local art by designing unique gifts and souvenirs featuring largely undiscovered gems of the country. The brand is named after a village in Al-Qassim province that has a spectacular landscape carpeted with … Read more

Announcing Our Indonesian Spa Liveaboard

Wander Women Wednesdays are back! This mid-week feature is all about highlighting an upcoming Wander Women Retreat, or a new aspect of our retreat business we’re excited about.  Did you hear? We’re heading back to sea with ScubaSpa! (A misnomer by the way, since you don’t need to be a diver to enjoy this retreat … Read more

Indonesian diplomats laud India’s rich culture at G20’s Working Group meeting

Indonesian diplomats Endy Kami Immanuel Ginting (Consul Protocol & Consular, Indonesia) and Dian Hayati Syamsuwir Kibe (Officer Economic, Indonesia) who were part of the first meeting of Development Working Group (DWG) under India’s G20 presidency lauded art and culture by Indian artists exhibited in Mumbai. Describing India’s rich culture, Endy said, “My experience is very … Read more

Travel for Indonesia to be eased: Indonesian Envoy

ISLAMABAD, DEC 20 (DNA) — Ambassador of Indonesia to Pakistan Adam M. Tugio has said that Indonesia is now open for international visitors and the normal visa-issuing process for different purposes has been resumed. The Ambassador stated this while addressing a gathering of visa dropbox travel agents in Haripur organized by the Indonesian Embassy to brief on … Read more

Connecting skin and wellness through cosmetic innovations

The skin, as the largest organ in the human body, is highly connected with the nervous system – known as the skin-brain axis – which functions in a bidirectional way. This is largely due to complex physiological environment of the skin, which contains cutaneous nerve endings that interact with neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, as well as … Read more

Kylie Minogue and Scent Beauty debut new fragrance, Disco Darling

Pop star Kylie Minogue has partnered with multi-brand e-commerce platform dedicated to scented products Scent Beauty Inc. to launch her new Disco Darling by Kylie eau de parfum. Inspired by the singer’s latest album, DISCO, this floral, musky and fruit-infused fragrance evokes the exuberance of dance and the dance floor. This new addition to the … Read more

Wajo – Guernica

Two old acquaintances walk by an artificial river, reminiscing about a long-lost mutual friend. Years ago, local police took that friend, Wajo, into custody for protesting the construction of a reservoir over his farm land; he was never released. Originally written in Indonesian by Tjak S. Parlan and published in InterSastra, this short story uses … Read more

Indonesia Isn’t Our Second Home

Indonesia has a certain “magic” that manages to draw in many citizens from around the world to call this tropic wonder their home. Whether it’s love at first sight during a two-week vacation, growing compassion for the country’s beauty and possibilities within a two- to five-year work contract, or hearing captivating stories from friends who … Read more

Travel process to Indonesia to be made easier: Tugio

Zubair Qureshi Indonesia is now open for international visitors and the normal visa issuing process for different purposes has been resumed. This was informed by Ambassador of Indonesia Adam M Tugio while addressing a gathering of visa drop box travel agents in Haripur. The Indonesian embassy had organized the briefing for travel agents particularly with … Read more