An ode to passionate love, Kaleb J drops sweet single ‘To The Moon and Back’ – Manila Bulletin

An ode to passionate love, Kaleb J drops sweet single ‘To The Moon and Back’

After teasing fans and listeners with snippets of his upcoming single on social media, today marks the release of ‘To The Moon and Back’ and Kaleb J is brimming with excitement to finally be able to share it. This track is Kaleb J’s first solo single after he collaborated with PJ Morton on ‘Please Don’t Walk Away’ which was released earlier this year.

“This song is an imaginary story of how I would feel if I had a girlfriend,” Kaleb J explained. “If you listen carefully, you can see my love language in this song,” he continued. Kaleb J delivers his sweet touch not only through the song’s catchy beats, but also with lyrics that contain a hint of Indonesian. He shared that his goal while writing this track was to surprise listeners, and that the inclusion of his native language would make the song even sweeter, more heartfelt, and more personal.

“I still remember that warm, fuzzy feeling – I was smiling to myself when I wrote this song, even though it’s just a fantasy,” Kaleb gushed. “I want to share this warm, fuzzy feeling with all of my friends when they listen to this song so that we can all explore the beauty of love.” ‘To The Moon and Back’ is a testament to Kaleb J’s steadily increasing trajectory in the music world and showcases his musicality and abstract development. Kaleb also hopes this song can be the anthem for listeners who are on a journey of love.

‘To The Moon and Back’ was written by Kaleb J, along with Belanegara Abe and Abraham Edo who are also the music producers behind this single. Synths and keyboard were provided by Axl Giovano, guitar by Abraham Edo, bass by Jundy Salut, trumpet by Jordy W, drums and programming by Belanegara Abe, mixing by Ross Ferraro of Studio 301, and mastering by Dimas Pradipta at Summit Studio.





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