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The latest culinary destination at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve presents an incomparable dining experience where the beauty of nature meets gastronomy art.

With the situation getting better, tourism is back, resulting in the dining scene in Bali flourishing again. New restaurants and bars have begun to appear all over the island as demand for more unique dining experiences rose. In response to this phenomenon, Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve joined the gastronomy game in Ubud by presenting Ambar at Mandapa. Situated next to the resort’s wantilan lobby, the bar invites diners and epicures alike to embark on a journey of refined flavours and mental rejuvenation.

The story of Ambar traces back to 2020. It wasn’t, however, until 2022 that the hotel’s General Manager Masanori Hosoya had a new vision for the bar. Ambar then underwent a major transformation in various aspects. For this purpose, the hotel also collaborated with Singapore-based hospitality consultant Proof & Company. As a result, Ambar was reborn in November 2022 as a sanctuary where gastronomic masterpieces and creative concoctions are served in an elegant setting that brings people closer to Mother Nature.

Taken from a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, Ambar truly lives up to its name. Upon entering the bar, guests are immediately treated to a breathtaking panorama of lush hills and the pristine forest of Mandapa village. The interior pays honour to traditional Balinese architecture, while still leaving room for contemporary touches. Stones and wooden elements are juxtaposed with a rich, warm palette, echoing the splendour of the surrounding nature. When the weather allows, guests can also witness the magnificence of the sunset from the deck or the main bar area.

Udang Salad
Toro Tartare

To pamper the guests’ taste buds, Ambar presents a variety of Japanese-Indonesian fusion cuisine. The gastronomy gala at the bar is a celebration of local flavours and meticulous cooking techniques. Savour the delicacy of exquisite creations such as Toro Tartare, tuna with spring onion, egg yolk, ginger, and avruga pearl or Udang Salad, fried crispy prawn with green soya olive oil, topped with tonkatsu. Those with a sweet tooth should not miss luscious delights like Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream Sandwich or Matcha Mascarpone Cream Puff.

Yuzu Negroni
Koko Kohi

Ambar further elevates the dining experience to a new height with its list of curated cocktails. There are several collections diners can explore. The Belantara collection, for instance, is home to concoctions such as Yuzu Negroni, Koko Kohi, and Sarapan Reviver, all inspired by local ingredients and Japanese drinking culture. The Fruits of the Forest collection houses classic cocktails amped with a unique twist, such as Lemongrass Gin & Tonic.

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