135 Ethnic Indonesian Baby Names | Momjunction

1. What cultural and historical significance do Indonesian baby names have?

Indonesia, with a predominantly Muslim population, embraces a prevalence of Islamic names (1). These names, commonly originating from Arabic, bear religious significance and embody the attributes of Allah. One example is Ashari, a masculine name denoting an ‘angel,’ reminiscent of the esteemed 10th-century Islamic scholar Al-Ash’ari. Similarly, Baihaqi, derived from the renowned 11th-century Islamic scholar Al-Bayhaqi, is another name with historical significance.

2. What role do Indonesian baby names play in preserving their identity?

Indonesian baby names gracefully mirror cherished family values and honor the significance of ancestry. Many names carry the weight of generations, preserving the noble legacy of beloved kin. Meanwhile, some names cleverly embody birth order, like Bakri, denoting the ‘firstborn,’ and Catur, symbolizing ‘four,’ encapsulating the unique essence of Indonesian naming traditions.

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