Ed Levin began creating innovative and distinctly original jewelry in 1950.  He started
designing jewelry while living in Buenos Aires and working with a master Florentine
jeweler.  He brought what he learned back to the United States and founded Ed Levin
Jewelry.  He passed his artistic vision and skills onto the next generation of master
craftsmen who carry on his legacy today.  His jewelry is still handcrafted using age old
techniques and only the finest materials – inspiring the wearer with its alluring and
inventive design.
Earrings...Gold/Silver/Gold and Silver combined.
Bracelets...Gold/Silver/Gold and Silver combined.
Necklaces and
rings too!
Encore EA691
Silver/Gold Elliptical  EA386
Silver Hourglass  EA654
Gold Ball Moondrop EA774
Silver Olive EA385
Silver Morocco   EA380
Gold/Silver Satin Dangle EA439
Gold Ball Bindu EA697
Lyrical EA389
SM  Secret Heart   EA692
LG. Secret Heart  EA692
Silver Swirl    EA690
Silver Allegro    EA639
Silver with Gold Wrap
Grand Signature  BR267
Silver Grand Signature    
All Gold Signature   BR167
Silver with Gold Wrap
Signature BR167
Silver Signature  BR167
Silver Slide   BR0679
Silver with Gold Square
Swing BR179
Silver Waltz BR171
Silver Wave BR677
Silver with Gold Wrap Wave
Silver & Gold Wrap Signature
Ring RI267
Silver with Gold Ball Bindu  
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Silver Elliptical  EA386
BR751 Amethyst
Sacred Heart PE692
Girl's Night out with Blue
Topaz EA381
EA783                  Blue Topaz
PE783                   Blue Topaz
EA375 Amethyst
Silver & Gold Jamaica  EA390
Silver & Gold Gumdrop EA392
Silver with Blue Topaz Cleo  
Silver & Gold Wave Band RI531
Checkerboard Swing
Silver with Gold Bezel Blue
Topaz                          BR183
Saturn Pendant
Silver Blue Topaz  PE586
Silver with Gold
Blue Topaz         PE752
Polka bracelet sterling with
a gold ball  BR609
EA369  Bright earring sterling
Silver with Gold Bezel Blue
Silver with Blue Topaz

Silver with Blue Topaz         
Entwined Elegance EA791
Entwined Elegance EA791
Silver with Gold Wrap
Signature Twist  BR268